David A. Harrison

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I am a 22-year-old amateur self-taught botanist with an interest in Longleaf, and Shortleaf pine savannas as well as bottomland riparian habitats, the Texas post oak savannas, coastal prairies and marshes, South Texas sand sheet, and the Rio Grande Valley. Some of my other areas of interest include the cloud forests, pine savannas, dry forests, and other ecosystems found in the Greater Antilles, Mexico, and Central America.

Some of my favorite Genera/families include Asclepiadeae, Trifoliae, Euphorbiacea, Malvaceae, and Magnolia.

I am an aspiring Ph.D. in a yet to be determined social science, most likely critical studies. I plan on going into academia following graduation and hope to work towards remedies to inequality, both in the Global South and the United States. Of course, preservation and climate advocacy will play a huge role in that.

find me on ig @ palustris.photography

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