How can I use it

Pool Crew


Anyone with a computer or smartphone with Internet can use iNat to

It's also really fun to try and identify other people's observations, meet folks with similar interests, and participate in projects that other people on iNat are running.

Scientists & Experts

Scientists and taxonomic experts can provide enormous value to our community by helping to identify observations. Try checking the Identify section, searching for observations without identifications, or searching for observations that still need to get down to species. Or search filters allow a bunch of different ways to search, so play around!

Researchers interested in downloading iNat data can use our export tool. All our licensed, research-grade observations are also indexed by GBIF, where you can search and download them using their tools.


Many high school and college-level instructors have used iNat as a way to engage students with nature use mobile and web technology. We've tried to summarize some of their findings, protocols, and lesson plans in the Teacher's Guide.

Friends of Parks

Bioblitzes can be fun ways to reach out to a park's community to record useful biodiversity data. Many parks have used iNat for their BioBlitzes, a few relevant materials are summarized in the Bioblitz Guide.

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