Campos de Observação

Campos de Observação são dados adicionais que podem ser adicionados às observações.

Nome Adicionado na data ↓ Tipo de dados Descrição
Thrips aggregation 09-12-2022 text Aggregation behaviour more than five individuals of the same sex are seen grouping together
Larval instar 09-12-2022 text any kind of larval instar
Site_ID 08-12-2022 text Full Site ID or 'outside plot'
forma bracteata 07-12-2022 text Tiarella stolonifera or Tiarella cordifolia sensu stricto with a single, small bract on the flowering stem
מספר פרטים 06-12-2022 text
חי או מת 06-12-2022 text
מצע 06-12-2022 text
ORCID ID 05-12-2022 text
מספר פרטים של המין במסלול 05-12-2022 numeric
מיקום במסלול 05-12-2022 text
סוג המסלול 05-12-2022 text
Scorpion Life: brood 05-12-2022 text Current relation between mother and brood:
KOH reaction (CA FunDiS) 05-12-2022 text Describe any reaction to 5% KOH solution applied to various tissues of macrofungi. Show pictures of the reaction as well. Use "untested" or "insignificant" for specimens that were not tested or showed no obvious result respectively.
Probable or likely building collision 04-12-2022 text Do you consider it probably or likely that injury or death was the result of colliding with a building?
Additional location data 04-12-2022 text (e.g., north side of building, or reflective windows near trees, etc.)
סיום מסלול 04-12-2022 text
תחילת מסלול 04-12-2022 text
IH_Box_Turtle_notes 03-12-2022 text
IH_Box_Turtle_obs_by 03-12-2022 text observer of box turtles in the Indianhead Box Turtle Project
Hacettepe Üniversitesi Beytepe Kampüsü 03-12-2022 text
Visited Flower 03-12-2022 text
DNA barcode sequence 02-12-2022 text
Domestic Color Mutation (NOBO) 02-12-2022 text Allows noting of domestic color mutations for Northern Bobwhite
bee eye colour 02-12-2022 text What colour are the compound (large) eyes visually in this observation
abdomen tip shape of bee 02-12-2022 text What is the abdomen tip shape of bee visually in this observation
hairy eyes in bees 02-12-2022 text Are the eyes hairy visually in this observation
marginal cell of bee shape 02-12-2022 text what is the shape of the marginal cell that is visually present in this observation
3 submarginal cell sizes 02-12-2022 text relative size of Bee submarginal cells
Bee morpho-species 02-12-2022 text What bee morphospecies does this observation visually represent
sub-antennal sutures 02-12-2022 text how many sub-antennal sutures are visually present in this observation
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