29 de março de 2020

iNaturalist in the Bodie Hills

Botany in the time of Covid-19 is a mostly virtual endeavor, for now. My plans to spend more time in the Bodie Hills and Beyond this spring and summer are postponed. The counties and states I am so eager to visit (all a 3 to 6 hour drive from home) are discouraging tourism. Fortunately, there is iNaturalist! ....

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15 de janeiro de 2018

Plant Lists for the Bodie Hills and Grover Hot Springs

Those interested in Sierra Nevada and Great Basin botany may like to look at two plant checklists available as free downloads on my web site: https://www.BodieHillsPlants.com/downloads/

Plants of the Bodie Hills: an Annotated Checklist (parts of northern Mono County, California, and Mineral and Lyon Counties, Nevada).

Plants of Hot Springs Valley and Grover Hot Springs State Park, Alpine County, California (in collaboration with Ellen Dean of UC Davis).

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