Seashell field guide finally out!

As some of you may know, I've spent the past 4 years or so working on a seashell field guide; that guide is now published!

Seashells of North Haven Beach is a comprehensive, 200+ page guide to every seashell species I've ever found at North Haven Beach on the midnorth NSW coast. But the handy thing is that almost all of the species in the guide are found across all of NSW, and indeed most of them are found around the entirety of southeastern Australia (or even circum-Australia), so it's still useful for Victoria, Tassie, SA, etc.

All up it features 95 gastropods, 57 bivalves, 2 chitons and Spirula spirula. Every species gets an entire page, with full colour photographic plates and shots of every species from at least 2 angles. And of course all of the taxonomy is updated :)

As well as all of the common species you'll regularly encounter around southeastern Australia, the guide also includes some very rare species that feature in extremely few, if any, guides, such as Lyria laseroni, Recluzia lutea, Leiopyrga cingulata and Acteocina apicina.

Now I need to start working on the second edition...

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Congratulations, looks very well presented from the sample pages.
A steal at 60 bucks!

Publicado por dustaway 7 meses antes (Sinalizar)

thanks Nicholas :) I was hoping to make it even cheaper, but printing is so expensive. It's like paper doesn't grow on trees...

Publicado por thebeachcomber 7 meses antes (Sinalizar)

Congratulations! Not surprised the second edition is already underway :-)

Publicado por siene 7 meses antes (Sinalizar)

cheers :D

Publicado por thebeachcomber 7 meses antes (Sinalizar)

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