11 de julho de 2021

Late-evening visit to recently-mowed prairie

This weekend I made it my goal to learn how to identify plants and insects in the prairies that I often visit.

I visited the prairie near the bike trail, baseball park, and golf course - in hopes of finding very tall, beautiful, flowering plants.

However, disappointment set in as soon as I arrived - I saw a landscape of recently-mowed plants, with only a few bright plants remaining standing upright.

I captured a few images of the small flowering plants in the prairie and then visited the nearby pond to find plants I rarely visit.

After spending some time familiarizing myself with the application by taking pictures of plants, I focused on locating insects. This lead me to capturing photos of a resting bee and an active dragonfly. While visiting the pond, I scared away dozens of small frogs which made a pleasant squeak as they jumped away from me, across the debris and algae blooms on top of the water.

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