Another Puzzle Piece

To begin I assumed our big streetside elm was an American Elm, not really giving it much thought. Then over the years two people have suggested it was a Red Elm and I began to suspect they were correct. I've never taken a close look at the buds or the flowers or the fruit to confirm which species, until today. After yesterday's snowfall and the windstorm earlier in the week a couple branches snapped off in the high canopy giving me an opportunity to take some macro photos of the buds. Another puzzle piece helping to complete the picture. Comparing photos from a few websites, I'm fairly certain this is an American Elm. The final puzzle pieces will be filled in later this spring: the flowers of the American Elm are stalked, those of the Red Elm are not.

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Olmo-Americano (Ulmus americana)




Março 13, 2017 04:32 PM CDT


American Elm
Northfield, Minnesota



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