Horse with a Tie

Today, I began preparations for a talk I will be giving in January on the biogeography of dragonflies, comparing studies of Siberian dragonflies with what is know of the dragonflies of Minnesota. In latitude, the state of Minnesota, if slid around to the Russian side of the globe, lies south of Siberia, say somewhere in northern Mongolia. However, there exist some climatic ties as well as similarities in ecosystems, for instance consider the boreal forest biome that surrounds the two largest lakes in the world, Lake Superior and Lake Baikal. And there's the literal connection between the two places on the occasions when the Bering Land Bridge was extant.

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Dezembro 15, 2017 05:24 PM CST


Cedar Apple Rust
gall stage, found on Eastern Red Cedar
Lake Byllesby County Park
Cannon Falls, Minnesota


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