Bombus in the Basement

Last summer several Half-black Bumble Bees found there way into our basement. I'd catch them and release them when this happened. These bees nested in a covered up window well. I observed them throughout the summer, the smallish workers flying in and out of the nest. Even though the nest was just a few feet from where we parked our car and where my daughter and her friend often played volleyball, the bees didn't mind our presence and we didn't mind theirs.

Today, I found a Two-spotted Bumble Bee, dead on the floor of an underground parking garage. Perhaps the bee had found its way in by accident while searching for a nesting site. And then couldn't find its way back out.

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Maio 21, 2017 04:51 PM CDT


Two-spotted Bumble Bee
found dead in underground garage
Burnsville, Minnesota


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