Pigweed Amaranth Identification Key Summary

Amaranthus albus "leaf edges wavy" S4 Tumbleweed.

Amaranthus blitoides Leaves have a little spikey part at the tip sticking out. SNA Prostrate Amaranth

Amaranthus californicus Hard to tell apart from Amaranthus albus, some hints at this webpage. A. Californicus tends to have one obvious tepal (sepal) and two others reduced or missing where A. albus has three. S2

Amaranthus powellii Leaf. "The underside is smooth with whitish veins."SNA Green Amaranth

Amaranthus retroflexus Rough Pigweed. "alternate leaves are up to 6" long and 4" across" Wedge shaped leaf. SNA Red Root Pigweed.

There is another pigweed..Axyris amaranthoides (Russian Pigweed) in another family not Amaranthus, but in family Chenopodiaceae

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