While attending the Children & Nature Network conference in Bastrop last April I heard about this crazy website that lets you upload your nature photos and ID them. Not only that, but OTHER people can leave comments too! AND your information can be collected to help support research or wildlife management! I made an account as soon as possible. Not really understanding how I could contribute when I know so little, but just curious regardless. I've learned so much these last 8 months or so. I ended 2015 with 660 observations of 463 named species. (Can't wait to see how much more I'll have this year!)

It also gives me the sense that there is a whole community out there wanting to promote citizen science & biodiversity, and all the awareness that comes with those. The idea that anyone can access this treasure trove of information and community brings me joy. I try to add a few observations from every where I go to learn more about the world we live in. I feel like I'm always talking about it, or sneaking away from homework to go outside and find something to "collect." I even keep begging my husband to hold off mowing the backyard because so many plants keep popping up! I want to figure out what they are. What eats them? Are they native? Are they edible?... :) Can someone become addicted to iNat? Do I need help?

It's more than just learning names of various organisms, but recognizing that learning never ends. Before iNaturalist I would photograph wildlife, then dig around field guides and websites to find a name. (and forget the details) I still do that, but now I actually have a place to store the data. I can look at all of my observations and save links in the description for future reference. I can chose to follow observations of others that I am 100% clueless on just to read what others are saying or identifying. I am so grateful for every one I've contacted these last few months with wildlife questions or permission to paint their observations I've fallen in love with. Every one has been so kind with their knowledge and patient with my lack there of. I have no formal academic science training, and worried that would be a barrier. It hasn't seemed to be. And this curious girl is doing her best to catch up one day. ;)

I'm excited for 2016 and all the new experiences to come. I have a couple of iNat projects and a major road trip in the works. While planning and budgeting ahead for our trip, the topic of souvenirs came up. In all seriousness, I won't be buying any. I'll be out on the trails somewhere, collecting only photos and leaving only footprints.
(....and making A LOT of art.)
:) :)

2016 is going to be a great year!!


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I love, love, love this. :)

I can't wait to see what you see this upcoming year.

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