05 de outubro de 2015

Featured Observation: High-crowned seahorse by Bonnie Waycott

Medium This month’s featured observation is a first for iSeahorse. While shore diving off of Oki Island in the Sea of Japan, iSeahorse user Bonnie Waycott managed to spot a seahorse that we haven’t yet had reported to our database – the high-crowned seahorse, Hippocampus coronatus.

So far the species has only been found off of Japan and South Korea. It lives in coastal areas dominated by seagrasses and sargassum algae. Like their other seahorse relatives, H. coronatus feeds on tiny planktonic crustaceans.

Very little is known about the species, and it is listed on the IUCN Red List as Data Deficient.  Observations like this from iSeahorse contributors like Bonnie continue to reveal new information about seahorses. With the help of this information we can better protect seahorses, the ocean habitats they live in, and the other species they share their home with.

Thanks to Bonnie for the submission!

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