Grue Migration 2019

Whilst sitting, drinking my coffee this morning at 8:02 am, I heard the unmistakeable cacophony of the Common Crane (Gru) overhead. I dashed out of the boat with my telephone to take photos and one recording. This is the annual migration of the Gru from Scandinavia to Spain. I am privileged to be living right under the flight path they take every year.

There were 3-4 flights flying at the same time and directly over the marina where we are moored. They continued in wave after wave until almost 9:00 am when they slowed to a trickle. The last flight that I saw was at 11:09 am. Our outside temperature was 2 C but the skies were blue with no clouds.

I checked my observations and found that 8 months ago, I saw them going in the opposite direction.

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