Link to Outramps red list plants

Outramps List of red List species,cornebrinkoutramps-tanniedi,outrampsjenny,outrampsmarge,knysna_wildflowers,nicky,evieb,sallyslak,prix_burgoyne,muisvoel,mr_fab,annsymons,rebeccaryen,mikecameron,erickmunro,wendywiles,leeanneb,karolc,christiners,wernert95

How to get to your redlist photos on i Nat

1.Click on and click on your membership.
2.Go to Explore.
Open filter fully .Top right next to the red GO
Put your user name in
Under project put in South African Red List: Plants and Animals
Submit. All your red list postings will come up. Select what what category you want.
3 Go to your profile photo.
A drop down menu appears.
Click on Projects.
All the projects you have joined appear
Select redlist (sAfr)
Click on your membership
All your red list photos appear

To look at all the Outramps redlist plants go to:,cornebrinkoutramps-tanniedi,outrampsjenny,outrampsmarge,knysna_wildflowers,nicky,evieb,sallyslak,prix_burgoyne,muisvoel,mr_fab,annsymons,rebeccaryen,mikecameron,erickmunro,wendywiles,leeanneb,karolc,christiners,wernert95

Use the filter to look at the category you plants

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