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At some point I gave up using the first 4 of these last 5 fields (created by other users) for one reason: when a text field is associated with a project and an observation is included in that project using the app, the app always selects the first option for each text field by default. If the first option was not defined as "undef." or equivalent (and none of those 4 fields has that option), then those fields will be inadvertently filled with a value that may not correspond to the reality in the observation site. All the fields would have to be carefully revised and filled by the user for each observation, which is highly inconvenient when there are more than a dozen fields associated with a project - not all of them relevant for each observation.

To prevent this problem, I advise all iNat users to include a first option "undef." or "undefined" or "N.D." or equivalent when creating a text field.

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