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07 de fevereiro de 2022

~ Featured Observations ~

Hello! I will use this journal to keep track of the observations I am most proud of. They may be the first in an area or uncommonly seen there, iNat firsts, species I have a special interest in, or ones that I was able to get very high-quality photographs of. I considered making a list, but those are only for species and not specific observations, so I'll do it here. This makes it easier for me to find them again and keep track of some of my achievements. This will be updated when I make more of them so be sure to check back sometime! Thank you for stopping by.

~Mysteries and Mutants~
Taraxacum officinale, Fasciated:

Geometer moth with an unusual hindwing deformity:

Mysterious Japanese Knotweed Virus:

~ Local Oddities ~

Nymphalis I-album, rare in Ohio:

Catocala unijuga, 11th observation in Ohio at the time:

Scaphoideus immistus, first observation in Ohio:

Cryptops hortensis, first observation in Ohio:

Leucanthemum × superbum, first observation in West Virginia:

~ iNat Firsts ~

Balcanocerus crataegi, first RG observation of an obscure leafhopper species:

~ Species of Concern~

Larus delawarensis, vulnerable in Ohio:
Setophaga americana, vulnerable in Ohio:
Quiscalus quiscula, near threatened:
Tsuga canadensis, near threatened:

~ Favorite Photos ~

Antheraea polyphemus:

The first photo I ever managed to get of Crambus sp. :

Polites peckius:

Speyeria cybele:

Sawfly larva:

~ Other Fascinating Finds ~

Pectinatella magnifica, fascinating organism I was previously unaware of:

Mite found on a moth:

Fungus growing on a lady beetle:

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