ERS 346 Outing #4

Time and Date 2019/11/19; 16:20 PM
Duration 39 minutes
Location Laurel Creek
Weather 3°C, 90% cloud cover, a slight breeze

Habitat/Vegetation type Riparian Zone

Kayla and I were walking outside of EV 3, on our way to the creek. We saw a large flock of around 27 Crows flying out of formation towards the school library. In the trees, we spotted 4 Squirrel nests and 2 squirrels. One was fat with a white fluffy belly and a nut in his mouth. On the creek, we spotted 50 or so Mallard ducks. They were swimming, walking on ice, diving for food and yelling loudly. The males had their shiny green mating plumage, and the females were a soft brown color. Swimming around the ducks were 12 or so Canadian Geese. On the banks of the creek, there were many dead goldenrod plants and some buckthorn. In a tree, we spotted a female Cardinal hopping around from branch to branch. Flying into and amongst some tall cedars were two Chickadees. Although the weather had warmed up a bit, there was still enough snow to see a few tracks. We spotted duck and goose tracks on the creek bed. On a log by the water, we found Raccoon tracks. In a thorny plant, we spotted a dead ladybug looking very out of place, it possibly got stuck in the thorns and died.

The Observations were posted by Kayle Caruso. All pictures can be found in her journal entry from the same day.

Crow: ID from memory
Squirrel: ID from memory
Mallard Ducks: ID from memory
Canadian Geese: ID from memory
Golden Rod: ID from memory
Buck Thorn: ID from memory
Cardinal: ID from memory
Goose Tracks: we looked up bird tracks and they fit the size and shape
Duck Tracks: we looked up bird tracks and they fit the size and shape
Racoon Tracks: We knew what they looked like from a previous outing
Lady Bug: ID from memory

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