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29 de fevereiro de 2016

Premier Dia de Naturalist Training (1)

Sunday February 7th, 2016
Trails today: Woodland trail to Turtle Pond for lunch, Creek Trail, Meadow Trail, Marsh Trail (?).
Experts: Suzanne

Hola! Jk, I don't speak Spanish fluently.
Hi there!

My name is Leela and today I am going to start my first day of Naturalist Training at the Fairfield Osborne Preserve. Gosh, am I ever excited but gosh, am I ever nervous!
How will this turn out? How many people are involved? Will I see other people at school? Will there be teachers I haven't met? Is there a test at the end of all this? Will I fail? How easy is remembering all the species on the preserve? Easy... I bet. (heh :( )

So I woke up at 6:30 because I gotta be on time for my first day right? What will they think of me if I'm late! I made something to eat but I'm mostly just rushing to get everything done since I got distracted on my phone for an hour... Curse you technology!!

Oh crud, I'm going to be late, gotta log off.... We didn't have hw did we.... Oh well! CIAO!

After the training:

Wow, gee wiz, this is exciting! We did a lot today but nothing I couldn't handle! everyone was surprised that I didn't bring a backpack on the trail but like, it's only a 2 hour hike, I'll live. It's good when you don't have to worry about where you put your things when there's poison oak all around you as you engage in a tree-interaction. S/O to grandmother oak on the the first trail we went on. A girl did almost faint however and that scared alot of us because we were more than a hop and skip away from the ED Center! She is afraid of ticks maybe she saw a REALLY BIG one. I forget her name but she seems quiet and sweet, I know I gotta be her friend.

Let me just start off by saying YAY, I like the previous and experienced Naturalists so far, they seem so passionate and happy. They are G, F, & K who we inquire and who monitor our development. Suzanne in her zone is basically marvelous. She lights up with the greatest sparkle in her eye when talking about making change, globalization and caring for others (abiotic and biotic ;) ;). I can't wait to know all she has to offer.
So other people may have wanted to cry after 2 hours of learning on a Sunday but is it too soon to say this was my favourite day? I am a psychology major after all! Learning about human interaction and teaching methods is where I will excel as a naturalist. This training has great parallels to Helen Woodward Animal Shelter Junior Conselour training. I taught kids about barn animals/ domestic cats and dogs for 3 years! It just feels as if I'm in the right place, ya know? It's a great feeling to have.

晚安 (wǎnān), (Goodnight in Mandarin Chinese)
Leela Hamm, the coolest.

P.S. We're going to have "projects" and homework every week so I gotta really crack down on studying since this would be my 8th class at this rate.
P.P.S. S/O to all the naturalists who made it today, you are all great and this is going to be such a great experience, I can feel it.

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Segundo Dia of Naturalist Training (2)

Sunday Febraury 14th, 2016
Trails today: Madrone Trail, Ridge Loop Trail to View Pt.
Experts: Suzanne & Someone else


So I was late last week for the first training day, awkward? Oh well I managed to be on time THIS time. Never too late to start a new streak! Oh but the only reason I was late was because I didn't give myself enough time to actually drive up to the top of a freaking mountain. Yeah, I had no idea where Fairfield Osborne Preserve was... Did I look it up prior? Psh, who do you think you are with your high standards...
Well I'm just logging on this morning to say that I'm excited for a new day of learning!

The folder we got looks intimidating but at the same time way interactive and easy to latch on to! K, gots to go.

After Training:

Today was really great! I feel like I'm getting the hang of waking up and driving to the preserve (I am a morning person after all). I don't remember anyone's names... Hmm.. Kerry I believe is one! haha. Garrett is cool and chipper and Forrest seems to be an encyclopedia. But oh gosh, there's a lot to learn and it's only the second day. It really hit me that ummm, I have to remember these things! Oh psh, I can do it, I just have to believe. Trees, man.... How am I supposed to remember trees... TREES.
I still didn't take my backpack or a jacket or lunch on the hike and people were still concerned.... Um, just have a big breakfast before you come sillies! Wear a tank top under your shirt and know how to handle your materials. I am usually more clumsy so I understand not wanting anything in your hands as you fall off a cliff but yet, that won't happen to lil' classically trained Leela. OR WILL IT. TO BE CONTINUED...

Haha, so. Today we did so much hiking I should have passed out. That would have been the normal human response but it's pretty much established that I'm a bit cray so like no. I made it! I practically hugged myself after (I don't hike okay?). People were asking why I am going through the process of naturalist training if I don't like hiking and I fully admit I didn't think it through. I honestly pictured grassland ;) and prairie land sorta with lots of research. I didn't really process the fact that the preserve is on an actual mountain. Hm, mountains are strange.

So beside the strenuous lifestyle I took part in today, I have started taking pictures and putting them here, on i Naturalist. I love this community. It's so special and vital <3.

Selamat Malam (Indonesian for Goodnight),
Leela Hamm, the bestest.

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Tercer Dia of Naturalist Training (3)

Sunday February 21st, 2016
Trails today: Moving Mt. Trail to Vernal Pool/ Ephemeral Pond, Skink Alley, Madrone Trail for lunch, Marsh Trail , Meadow Trail, Larkspur Trail, Fescue Trail to bottom view pt.
Experts: Herpetologist, Bug Expert

So I have been waking up on time and this planning process is going well. Preparing meals the night before makes for a smoother wake up. I just never know when to take a shower because I'm typically a night shower person and then I don't want to shower in the morning before training because I'll be trucking up all along the mountains of life and I may break into a sweat. I never sweat, my body retains all the heat :(

Anyway, off I go.. OMG I should totally offer to carpool, I forgot last time. I'll pick up stragglers. it is 8:45 afterall...

After training:

So it's become quite a habit to vent to my roommates after training everyday of all the crazy things that happen to me... I was THAT ONE who touched the poison oak. I should have known I'd be THAT ONE. Smh, Leela, picking flowers and leaves for a bouquet on the silent hike part where we seperated 30 seconds after the other. That was an interesting activity. The place where Kerry decided to do so was PERFECT because I felt like one of the kids in Bridge to Teribethia (#howsadisthatmovie #S/OtoJosh'sblockhead). Anyway... my hands did swell up but then that one expert guy told me to rub my hands on moss so I did and I felt dirty but better than dead! haha! Oh my gosh and then later on the teacher person who came to talk to us told me that he once touched poison oak and he didn't feel the effects for two weeks. Watch, I'm going to wake up a puff ball.

So I took some cool flower pictures today #goalsachieved. Pretty sure I'm the one who won't know all the species but be that artist who comes in doing plein air painting carrying an easel up to view point looking supa cool. (Plein air painting is a French term (I know, I'm suppa cool for knowing French (actually currently singing in French for my singing class..) I took it in high school for 2 years along with Spanish) that means painting out in open air like cool painters on the streets of Italy.

So besides the beauty of nature, I sorta am getting the hang of identifying trees by their leaves. Identifying bugs, I had quite the knack for so that made me feel accomplished. Almost had a panic attack crossing the creek though, didn't want to face plant like K did. She was a real trooper though. I would have cried. F told me that I should get more comfortable around the creek because that kids love the water and the salamanders, etc but luckily, I'll be leading general tours heh heh.

Also we went on top-secret land today that I would be stoned if I gave it away!
Kidding, but we went to a location that we found churt and now it is a trendy thing in my group. Examples of what B & S started; #gettingchurt, #toochurtforyou. They should coin the term before someone else does! Also pretty sure we should have all found 100000000000 ticks on us today after practically crawling through grassland and overturning every piece of rotting wood and rock we could.

Bon nuit, (French)
Leela Hamm, the adventurer.

P.S. S/O to Michael, he is reserved but he holds this really friendly presence that I can't help but admire. I want him on MY team!

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Cuarto Dia de Naturalist Training (4)

Sunday February 28th, 2016
Trails today: Moving Mt. Trail to Vernal Pool/ Ephemeral Pond, Moving Mt. Trail to Frog Heaven, Ridge Loop to View Pt.
Experts: Herpetologist, Geographer

Jk, but oh I got a text to pick up someone... Of course, A.
Oh gosh, oh gosh the HOMEWORK.
Jk, I did that too. all 17 pages of that geology stuff and 2 pages of that Scientific Journal stuff. I actually voice recorded all the homework because I'm staring to become aware of different study methods and I am playing on my strength as an AUDITORY learner (See, Suzanne, having us take that test to see what kind of learning style we would prefer DID help!)...

Ooops, I'm going to be late, adios muchachos y muchachas.

After Training:

People discovered acorn cap whistling today.. enough said.

Learning about the geology and geography of the land was a bit overwhelming and quite frankly, went a bit over my head but I promise myself that I'll review it for the test. It was cool learning about the volcanic ash and T & B copied me by putting some on their face, smh (kidding).
Also learned today that there's no spider expert at the preserve. Guess I know what my future will entail!!! Jk, social worker & FBI come first. I'll do spider analysis in retirement.

BIRDS, BIRDS. I have the bird call app. Match made in heaven. Perfect day, it included identifying birds.I was the only one to find a bird. C'mon team! Look harder and make less noise! I spotted a Spotted Towhee. THE CUTEST. Not close enough for a picture. boo.

Overall, the lesson learned today was keep up with homework because there's a test next week.
The lesson is be aware of your surroundings and there's something to learn everywhere you look, something to interact with and something you are influencing in one way or another. Kinda like our first walk and talk with Q's. #kerryiskool

(shpa mo pa kheyr), شپه مو په خير
Leela Hamm, the nature person

P.S. S/O to Katy, she is super patient and I like how she knows so much in such a humbling way. Landscape sounds fun just because she presents it so well!
Also to Bonnie for just being a plain RAY OF SUNSHINE.

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