SF Bay Area City Nature Challenge - winners!

Hi folks,

You're tagged in this journal post because you were one of the top ten observers, species-finders, and/or identifiers (some of you are all three!) for the SF Bay Area City Nature Challenge! Congratulations, and thank you so much for your enthusiasm, time, and energy you invested in the CNC.

We'd like to recognize your contributions, and want to do something that you'd personally enjoy. So - we've thought of a few different ideas - you can pick one that you're interested in or give us other suggestions to entertain. Hopefully if some of you pick the same things, we can do them as a group - we'd love to get to know some of you better and meet those of you we don't personally know yet!

A tour of some of the Academy's research collections
A tidepooling trip with Rebecca (@rebeccafay) and me (both seasoned nudibranch-finders, and marine biologists to boot!)
Admission to NightLife at the Academy
Admission to the Academy
Beautiful flat Nature in the City maps, perfect for hanging on a wall - or we can give you a folded one if you'd prefer it
A hike some place cool together?
Something else??? - especially if you work at the Academy!

Let us know what you'd be interested in, and we can start scheming some group get-togethers or outings!

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Publicado por kestrel cerca de 6 anos antes

A tour of the Academy research collections sounds amazing - doubly so if I could bring my partner, who also loves such things!

Publicado por graysquirrel cerca de 6 anos antes

Oh my goodness! I'd love a tour of the collections and to meet up with all of you folks, but being out of state might make that hard to schedule

Publicado por hfb cerca de 6 anos antes

All those sound fabulous but what I’d really love is to meet all you awesome peeps. Lemme know if there is a group outing- I’ll do my best to show up.

Publicado por catchang cerca de 6 anos antes

Collections tour would be awesome, as would some kind of outing with all you maniacs. :)

Publicado por sea-kangaroo cerca de 6 anos antes

a collections tour + random hangout / brainstorm afterwards with this awesome group of people would be wonderful.

Publicado por damontighe cerca de 6 anos antes

Awesome, sounds like we'll definitely schedule a collections tour (possibly followed by an iNat happy hour?), and some other outing! We'll let some more folks weigh in and then work on finding some dates/times that the majority can make it to.

Publicado por kestrel cerca de 6 anos antes

Agreed - collections tour + happy hour. I'll go ahead and cast my vote for late (after 6pm) on a weekday. Cal Academy is painfully far from the East Bay.

Publicado por naturalisttrent cerca de 6 anos antes

This sounds wonderful, whatever you come up with.... thank you so much for the offer! I agree... a collections tour sounds WAY cool. Tidepooling also sounds good... one of my personal todos already is to check the tide charts... there are supposed to be some really good lows in the next few months, and there's a cool area south of Half Moon Bay that'll (hopefully) get exposed. And I'm ALWAYS up for hike, though nature walk would be a better term, since I'm usually stopping so often to look at things that it's hard to call it hiking! But if we're not careful, we'll end up with folks like catchang, boschniakia, kueda, and me looking at every little plant and haggling over what;s what ;^)

Publicado por dshell cerca de 6 anos antes

You had me at collections tour. In terms of a hiking location...I have always wanted to explore the west side of Crystal Spring Reservoir Watershed, I don't know if a SFPUC permit could be arranged for a group.

Publicado por barry_thomson cerca de 6 anos antes

I would also love a collections tour.

Publicado por dpom cerca de 6 anos antes

I'm good with whatever, tidepooling would be nice. Maybe a lovely late June hike through a coastal prairie with tidepools at the end?
I agree we won't be moving fast on the botanical amble...

Publicado por boschniakia cerca de 6 anos antes

A collections tour would be awesome, and anything else - tidepooling or hike or other - would be a great bonus, no matter how slowly it goes.

Publicado por jlmartin cerca de 6 anos antes

a collections tour sounds great, but so does the prairie + tidepool option... thanks for organizing!

Publicado por merav cerca de 6 anos antes

Hi everyone - just letting you know that @rebeccafay & I haven't forgotten about this! We've got collections tours in the works, we just have to plan things for after our next upcoming coordinated bioblitz event - Snapshot Cal Coast - since we're all-consumed with it right now. :) (PS All of you are welcome to join us for Snapshot - they're early mornings but the BEST low tides of the year! We have more small group trips than the two public bioblitzes listed, so if you'd like to come out some other day in that June 13-20 window, just let us know and we'll post the other excursions.)

We'll likely do a late afternoon tour (probably around 4pm, to keep it within working hours for our collections managers) and then for those that would like, we can wander over to one of our nearby bars or restaurants for a little happy hour get-together and plan a hike we can do together!

Publicado por kestrel cerca de 6 anos antes

Follow up to that: what day of the week do people prefer for an afternoon collections tour followed by happy hour hike planning? Monday through Friday are what we have to choose from, since that's when our collections managers are in!

Publicado por kestrel cerca de 6 anos antes

My preference is just for any day after June 25th, since I'm out of state until then!

Publicado por sea-kangaroo cerca de 6 anos antes

I would avoid Friday for traffic issues, but any afternoon after Cal Snapshot is good.

Publicado por dpom cerca de 6 anos antes

I sadly won't make it for Cal Snapshot, but may make it down later this summer

Publicado por hfb cerca de 6 anos antes

Thanks for the update, @kestrel. I chuckled re the Snapshot dates... I and friends have watched the tide charts and already planned on tide pooling (Redondo Beach area near Half Moon Bay) the morning of the 17th... now we'll be sure to take pictures :^)

Re the tour, Wed/Fri aren't great (I lead Edgewood habitat restoration those evenings), but could make it if no other days work for everyone. I'm out of town June 22-26, July 26-30, Aug 11-20, so hopefully it won't fall during one of those (but do what you gotta do to pick a date that works for the largest number of people). Looking forward to this!

Publicado por dshell cerca de 6 anos antes

My vote is a (non-Friday) weekday between June 25 and July 5, or anytime after August 16.

Publicado por naturalisttrent cerca de 6 anos antes

Hi everyone,

Well, it turns out that we're the worst and it takes us forever to plan a get-together! Please forgive us, come have a birds & mammals collection tour, join in a City Nature Challenge 2019 planning meeting, celebrate our 2018 win, AND be our guest at NightLife - all in one night!

Thursday, December 13 at the Academy:
Ornithology & Mammalogy collections tour: 4-5pm
CNC 2019 planning & celebration of 2018 win: 5-6:30pm
NightLife (Holiday Bazaar - a great place to find unique, hand-made gifts): 6-10pm

You're also welcome to come to the Academy before 4pm and wander the museum - just let us know, and we'll let you in.

If you can make any or all of these, please let us know! We'll need your name to make sure you can get in as our guest. :) It's fine to invite others for the meeting or NightLife if you'd like, we just need their names and what you'd like to bring them to. Space is really tight on collections tours, so we may not be able to add people to that, but if you'd like to bring someone, let us know and we'll try (they may just need to hang out in the museum if we don't end up with extra space).

-Rebecca & Alison

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Publicado por kestrel mais de 5 anos antes

@kestrel Wish I could make it, sounds like a great time and can't wait to hear about next year's challenge!

Publicado por hfb mais de 5 anos antes

Can't make it; Sequoia Audubon meeting that night. Have a great time!

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon mais de 5 anos antes

Granted, this is an old posting, and I wasn't even a MEMBER then, but I'd LOVE to do some of the things you were suggesting as prizes!

Can i?

Publicado por like2find2 cerca de 1 ano antes

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