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06 de dezembro de 2015

Welcome Aboard! (Coastal Plain Volunteers Needed)

For those of you who have just joined the project, welcome! Also, welcome to the two additional curators of this project: @eraskin and @milopyne!

A little bit about the idea and genesis of this project:
After many years of keeping nature journals and logs, I recently began to search for an online service/app I could use to go paperless. Out of all of the services I surveyed, I found iNaturalist to be the most active community-wise and easiest to use app-wise.

I started this project out of frustration with uploading invasive plant sightings via spreadsheets to SEEDN (Southeast Early Detection Network). I found their app to be clunky as well, and desired a more community-based approach in order to more effectively synthesize data with the hope of bulk-exporting to SEEDN and other databases. The community-reviewed nature of iNaturalist appealed to me because if someone has inadvertently discovered an invasive plant in their community, it can be easily identified by others and added to the Invasive Plant Project. The iNaturalist app is also much more intuitive to use than apps put out by SEEDN and Bugwood, and the userbase is, I imagine, much larger because of it.

That being said, most of the reports from the project (though it is only a week old or so) are from the Piedmont (and, thanks to @eraskin, the Mountains). If anybody knows of anyone in the community located in the Coastal Plain, I would greatly appreciate passing the project along to them, as well as any other of your friends and colleagues.

Thank you all for your support, and as always, Happy Hunting!

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12 de dezembro de 2015

In Baltimore, MD for Winter Break

I'm currently in Baltimore working at my audio engineering internship for most of the month of December and half of January. I will continue to sort through observations and adding to the NC Invasive Exotic Plants Project and guide throughout that time, however, my own observations will be limited!

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