22 de fevereiro de 2020

Seeing lots of Deadnettles

I have been observing how common deadnettles (Lamium) particularly henbit deadnettle (Lamium amplexicaulo) but also red deadnettle (Lamiu purpureum). What I have not been observing are nettles (Utrica). This is significant because deadnettles are nettle mimics. Now mimicry only works when the species being mimicked are plentiful which makes me wounder, why deadnettles don't seem to suffer from a lot of herbivory. If any has any answers please let me know.

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07 de dezembro de 2019

Initial Comparison between Iroquois Park and Creason Park

Now it's late autumn and effectively winter so spring and summer observations have a significant chance of changing my mind. Iroquois Park seems have more species richness but that is mostly because it is larger than Creason Park and has a higher diversity of habitats. However, the diversity of Creason Park's forest habitat is does seem to be greater when the area that is compared to the area compared to Iroquois Park.

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02 de dezembro de 2019

Gravestone Lichens and Mosses at Cave Hill Cemetery

Lichens and Mosses are so unrelated to each other that they are not in the same kingdom. However, they do have somewhat similar ecological niches. Both can be found growing on rocks and bark. However mosses grow faster, reproduce faster, need less light, and need more water and nutrients. Both lichens and mosses can be found growing on gravestones in Cave Hill Cemetery. Mosses are found in wetter shadier areas of gravestones than lichens. I've only been able to identify one species of moss growing on gravestones, however mosses are hard to identify. I've identified two genera of lichen (I can't be sure of species). Those genera are Candelaria and Physcia. Candelaria is more common and seems to grow in wetter shadier areas than Physcia, but does not need nearly as water and shade as mosses. This is the pattern that I've associated with the gravestones at Cave Hill Cemetery so are. Please let me know if you have other insights or if there is something I got wrong.

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