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01 de outubro de 2016

Rio Hondo BioBlitz

I signed up for the BioBlitz in the Rio Hondo channel on October 15th. Often have driven by the channel wondering what was in it, but never bothered to figure out a reasonable way to access it.

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10 de outubro de 2016

Parks in Houston

Got to spend a little time in parks near Houston. The most memorable part of it was the reptiles. When I went to Big Bend State Park I thought I might see an Alligator. I didn't expect the hard thing to not be finding them, but avoiding them. Was walking along the trail, when all of a sudden one appeared about twenty feet in front of me.

some text

It was quite a shock to me that I didn't notice him until I was so close despite his being in an obvious location. Decided not to try and sneak past him since it was water on each side of the trail. So I took another trail for a half hour or so and came back.

When I got back, I didn't see him. Since he wasn't there I proceeded to continue on the trail This time I was paying attention though since he snuck up on me before. All of a sudden, I realized that he was right next to the trail only about six feet away from me:

some text

He never moved, but I sure jumped!

Went on to see a total of around ten alligators. None were larger than perhaps six feet, but they were still pretty intimidating.

Other than that I ran into two species of water snake and managed to get really close to a green anole:

some text

some text

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