First iNaturalist injury

I always figured that all that walking around strange forests at night, chasing tarantula hawks, and diving into rough water would catch up to me sooner or later. Tonight it finally did.

Was taking photos of bugs around my porch lights. After a hot day like today, there were quite a few interesting ones around, Saw a brown widow spider. They are the only insect I kill in my backyard. So I stepped on it, pretty sure I got it. Continued taking photos.

Maybe five minutes later I felt a bug in my shirt. Who cares? There is a cool beetle on the light! Continued taking photos. Felt it again. OK, I better get it. Shook out my shirt.

About two minutes later, my back started to hurt. Then my arm. Pretty quickly it hurt too much to photograph so I came in. Two hours later, I have a red mark on my back and it still hurts like heck. Didn't see it, but it had to have been a brown widow.

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): I hope it's nothing too serious and that you get better soon.

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Damn. I'm sorry to hear that as well. If you were family and it was clear you weren't going to die, we would most certainy rib you about your newly acquired "spidey senses"! However, on the likelihood that such ribbing is not funny at this time, I also want to wish you a full and speedy recovery.

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It is rather surprising to me how bad this is. I expected more like a bee sting. I guess the bite site is a bit like a bee sting, it made my whole arm nearest the bite hurt though and it still hurts five hours later.

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Hope this clears up for you soon.

I've had brown widows on my clothing before. They will run towards dark areas or something that looks like shelter to them. I've watched them exit crevasses in brick walls just to hide under my shoes...tricky buggers.

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Yikes... Keep us up-to-date on either your wound or new super powers. ;)

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I better get super powers for this ordeal!

Spent all yesterday writhing in pain. Worst sick day ever, wasn't even together enough to watch Netflix. Went to the doctor, all they could suggest was advil and antibiotics (in case it gets infected). Pretty much just have to wait it out.

Today I started to drive to work, and just gave up and came home. Still just too beaten down.

Clearly, the difference between a bee and the spider bite is a bee sting is just designed to be painful. Spider venom is intended to kill. It made a good attempt at it too!

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