27 de setembro de 2013

More milestones

1000 obs and 798 species! Wish I'd taken a couple more pictures in AZ--maybe I'll go for a walk today and try to find the 2 more that I need to clear 800...

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13 de julho de 2012

100th taxa observed!

Yay--sort of a milestone!

I'll keep posting obs from the basin to help other iNaturalists with their Sagehen basin IDs.

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03 de julho de 2012

Need help!

Sagehen needs help documenting it's species lists.

Plants, insects, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians...these lists were assembled beginning in the 1950's and unfortunately, there's no way to determine where exactly those sightings were. In some cases, species were probably included because they were expected to be here, not because they were actually seen here.

With a great tool like iNaturalist available now, we can harness many, many more eyes than we ever could before. We'd like to begin documenting our old lists to see what's really living in the basin and where, exactly, it is.

This will create a magnificent record to help us look at change in the future. Are animal and plant communities changing members? Shifting location? Expanding? Contracting?

Whether you have a smart phone, or just a digital camera and access to a computer, you can be a big part of helping us make that happen, so get involved!

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