06 de junho de 2021

2021 TTL Nature photography prizes

These photos are so good, I feel like I should put my camera away out of respect.

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20 de fevereiro de 2021

18 de fevereiro de 2021

25 de setembro de 2020

rat wins gold medal for his work

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24 de julho de 2020

paintings made by animals: you can have one!

The Albuquerque zoo is raising funds for supplies by selling animal paintings. Here's the gallery/shop:

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27 de junho de 2020

note to self: come back to these carpet moths

I suspect that several moths in our area were misidentified as of A. neomexicana. Project for a winter day.

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05 de maio de 2020

22 de abril de 2020

Earth Day today

Join in -- make your next meal a vegetarian one
And you can participate by doing some citizen science. Help monitor air quality and plastic pollution: https://www.earthday.org/actions/join-earth-challenge-2020/

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17 de abril de 2020

29 de outubro de 2019


I have yet some uploads to do from my last field day with amzapp -- I sure will miss wandering around with her, discovering so much! My comadre, my teacher, my sounding board.
Off to new digs further west. Expect to see me floundering with IDs for a few years, until I get my bearings!

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