05 de maio de 2020

22 de abril de 2020

Earth Day today

Join in -- make your next meal a vegetarian one
And you can participate by doing some citizen science. Help monitor air quality and plastic pollution: https://www.earthday.org/actions/join-earth-challenge-2020/

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17 de abril de 2020

29 de outubro de 2019


I have yet some uploads to do from my last field day with amzapp -- I sure will miss wandering around with her, discovering so much! My comadre, my teacher, my sounding board.
Off to new digs further west. Expect to see me floundering with IDs for a few years, until I get my bearings!

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18 de junho de 2019

Rattlesnake -- noun

"Rattlesnake, n. --
Our prostrate brother, Homo ventrambulans"

Ambrose Bierce
The Devil's Dictionary

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11 de janeiro de 2019


I took anthropology classes in college, and still enjoy the field alot.
We, Homo sapiens use fire to cook our food and derive more from it. And so did Homo neanderthalensis. And so did his precursor, Homo heidelbergensis. And further back, so Homo erectus -- a million years ago.
Darwin described cooking as the second most important discovery after that of language.
But in the view of primatologist Richard Wrangham: "The introduction of cooking may well have been the decisive factor in leading man from a primarily animal existence into one that was more fully human."
In his enormously enjoyable lay science book HEAT, Bill Streever writes: "By the time of Homo sapiens, fire was part of everyday life. Homo sapiens was born halfway down the on-ramp to climate change."

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05 de novembro de 2018

OK, this is just hilarious

Today, as part of iNat housekeeping, i spam-blocked a user account that was particularly juicy. Here is the text of the profile description:
"Since bubble wrap suits are almost transparent, your clothing inside is still visible. So your suit takes on the color and design inside it and looks pretty attractive. And these suits are very lightweight and you can easily carry it in your backpack for use when the need arises. And since it is very affordable to own one, you can have each for all your family members without spending much. These suits are great to use in workplaces to your security staff who stand guard outside even in rains. You can even provide these to your employees or guests are your hotel that can really seem nice. These suits are affordable enough to give them as a complimentary gift to someone. - "

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11 de outubro de 2018


Watch this superb video about the domestication of maize:

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20 de setembro de 2018

Message from the deep past.

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14 de agosto de 2018

Native pollinators

* * * 400 Osmia provide the same pollination service as 10,000 honeybees * * *

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