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In June-July 2016, I took an Entomology course in field taxonomy and ecology of insects (informally known as Bug Bootcamp), stationed at the Sagehen Creek field station. During this time, I took pictures of a few of the creatures I saw - I am now in the midst of uploading those observations - but since the course required making a large insect collection, I focused more on collecting/curating/identifying than on taking pictures. I have several hundred specimens from five weeks there (6 full Schmitt boxes), and although I would like to have them uploaded as observations here on iNaturalist, doing so would require taking pictures of hundreds of mounted specimens using a microscope, which would be incredibly time-consuming! I got a lot of really cool insects, but I think for the time being I will delay or forgo taking those pictures, especially since I really want to get to my observations from Peru in December 2016-January 2017. It is a shame, partially because I got some taxa that currently have very few observations on iNaturalist (e.g. Nosodendridae).

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I recently acquired a stackshot and Zerene stacker. If you ever do try to take on the project of photographing the entire collection, I strongly recommend a stage which automates the photography part of the project.

While writing this post I took 120 photos of an ant with a 5x objective.

Alternatively just use a macro lens and flash handheld. Could probably photograph the whole collection in a weekend that way. Would work best on large species that are easy to ID though.

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@glmory Thanks for the recommendations; I will take them into consideration. That stackshot with Zerene stacker do look effective, but really expensive!

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