16 de setembro de 2020

Collecting Trip to the North Arboretum

9 Sept. 2020

I went to the North entrance to the arboretum here on campus in Moscow, Idaho. At 1:30 p.m. it was relatively warm, and the air was very smokey. I used the sweep net to collect insects. First I walked on the gravel paths that went through the trellises covered in plants. Here I found some Bi-colored Striped Sweat Bees and a Horsefly by a bright purple flowering plant. I also caught a white butterfly on my walk. By the pond I netted a Meadowhawk and some small flies. I also stopped under a shaded tree and dug in some leaves that had fallen and I found another kind of arthropod I have not yet identified. On my way out on the gravel path I caught a grasshopper in my net.

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