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21 de outubro de 2021

Weekend Plan

I haven't decided what park, I will be visiting this weekend, but I will be going around in my area and stopping at certain park to see if I can find something. This weekend is going to be an open drive weekend, where I will travel around in my city and see if I can find good park and some good/unique species. Very excited as there is no anticipation, so would be very interesting to see how things goes.

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17 de outubro de 2021

Park in Fremont

This week was amazing. I went to few parks in Fremont. I got hold of a couple of species, but same thing. It's really hard for me to find out what kind of species it is. I will be back asking my professor to see what kind of species are those. I am really excited to know what kind of species photos I took.

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02 de outubro de 2021

Last week in Edgewood Park

My journey to Edgewood Park past Wednesday was amazing. Before I went there I was expected to walk around for about 1-2 hours, but it end up being 4 hours long walk (Yes, I lost a lot of calories). As I was walking I was observing a lot of different things, I have taken photos of at least 8-9 different kind of species and at least 3 of them being really good photos. I am expecting to put it on my observation page by tomorrow evening. My trip there was really good, I enjoyed it a lot.

Now going into next weekend, I want to go to a park in San Jose. Just change in place. I have not yet searched for a good park in San Jose, but I am looking forward to do that research at the start of next week and get to that park by Wednesday and have more observations.

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14 de outubro de 2021

This Week

Well, I wondered around some park in San Jose such as: Martial Cottle, Houge. I didn't really see anything I would have liked to see, but there some kind of birds that I saw. This where unique birds, that I have seen before. I will be talking with my professor to see what is the exact name of the bird. With next week, I am going to my uncle's house in Fremont, so I feel that will be on place, where I will be exploring around to see for some more birds or animals. Hopefully, I can find some better once.

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26 de outubro de 2021

New Park

When I said it last time that I won't make a list of what park I will go to. I just went outside and stopped at a few park to see if I can find something. I did go around Redwood City, San Carlos and Belmont, but I didn't get off my car, because it was raining. So, I have decided to this Wednesday as it's expected to be sunny. I was really surprised by the amount of rain, so I couldn't get off my car to look for species.

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