Last week in Edgewood Park

My journey to Edgewood Park past Wednesday was amazing. Before I went there I was expected to walk around for about 1-2 hours, but it end up being 4 hours long walk (Yes, I lost a lot of calories). As I was walking I was observing a lot of different things, I have taken photos of at least 8-9 different kind of species and at least 3 of them being really good photos. I am expecting to put it on my observation page by tomorrow evening. My trip there was really good, I enjoyed it a lot.

Now going into next weekend, I want to go to a park in San Jose. Just change in place. I have not yet searched for a good park in San Jose, but I am looking forward to do that research at the start of next week and get to that park by Wednesday and have more observations.

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Hi Dev,

E San Jose there is Alum Rock Park as a suggestion.

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Ok. I went to San Jose, but I didn't see this comment before. But next time I go there I will make sure to have a look at this park.

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