18 de junho de 2021

Plant observations 6/17/21

I spent time walking through my neighborhood and some local wild areas. It was a warm day with moderate humidity. I came across a vast amount of different plant species, many of which prefer direct sunlight. Some of them, such as the junipers, are drought resistant which is beneficial even though New Jersey receives an above-average amount of yearly rain. I really enjoyed seeing some of the exotic plants such as the Japanese Barberry and Maple. These were truly beautiful, especially the Maple which I found elegant, and not usually seen around me as they are not native. However, I learned that the barberry is an invasive species and can displace native woody plants. I saw a lot of liriope which require very little care and are tough. Overall, I really enjoyed walking around and seeing all these plants. Each species has really unique tendencies and requires different types of maintenance.

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11 de junho de 2021

Nature Walk 6/10/21

I spent time at my local environmental center walking through trails. It was a hot dry day which was unfortunate as I was unable to find any fungi. It makes sense since fungi prefer moist dark conditions. However, I came across a lot of lichens in the woods all over various types of trees such as oaks. When I first started the walk I didn't initially recognize or pay attention to these lichens but by the end of it, I naturally recognized all the lichens on the trunks of the trees. On one of the trees, there was a sign in front that explained what lichens were and how they grow on healthy and unhealthy trees. I found this really cool as I feel many people see lichens on trees and have no idea what they are looking at. I also saw an abundance of moss on rocks and all over the forest environment. I really enjoyed this time outside since I learned to recognize things in nature that I had been oblivious to all these years.

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