01 de abril de 2020

Winter/spring 2020

Its been an interesting year so far. Ive done some exploring and found some nice finds. My favorite subject has been a great horned owl pair with their nestling. I have also been delighted by the swooping swallows that have been returning these past few weeks.

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27 de dezembro de 2019

White Throated Sparrow

I saw a pair of them yesterday on Sauvie Island along rentanear rd. But they did not wanted to be photographed, so I came back empty handed. But it was an overall birdy day yesterday, as my mother and I birded the eastern side along reeder rd.

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13 de dezembro de 2019

Townsend’s Warbler

After looking for one over the last couple of months, I finally successfully found and photographed one. I saw two different ones last year, but did not photograph either at the time.

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23 de novembro de 2019

Emperor Goose

After having no luck in the past, I went out to Sauvie Island to look for the Emperor Goose that has been there the last couple of weeks. After about an hour of searching and encountering others birders, I was alerted to its prescence. After racing there and looking for it for a half hour with other birders, we finally found it again. Such a great sight!

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17 de novembro de 2019

Beaverton Birds

Went birding in local park known as Commonwealth lake, amd then the adjacent park Foothills Park. Between the two of them I got 25 or so species. But the best ones were, Merlin perched on a conifer, and moving adound the back end of Commonwealth Lake. A mixed flock of kinglets, chickadees, nuthatches, and busthtits foraging in a section of trees at Foothills park. A lone Hermit Thrush in a tree at Foothills Park. A Brown Creeper among the mixed flock, working tree trunks. And Finally a Fox Sparrow, seen in the top of a bush. The Hermit Thrush was a new bird for that county for me.

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29 de agosto de 2019

Barred owl

Today I went looking for shorebirds or any lingering warblers at Commonwealth Lake Park. Within a few minutes I got a Yellow Warbler, but nothing else out of the ordinary for the next hour or so. As I was headed back the way I had come, I ran into a group of photographers I knew. Low and behold they were observing a Barred Owl that was roosting in a tree. Such an amazing chance to watch this creature rest.

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19 de agosto de 2019


Saturday, August 17 I saw a Bobcat up where I work in Washington Park, Portland. Such an amazing encounter. I did not even think they could be around but then it was there.

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16 de agosto de 2019

Snowy Egret

Yesterday I went out to Smith and Bybee lakes in North Portland, to find a Snowy Egret that had been reported multiple times in recent weeks. After some searching I managed to find it amonst a group of Great Egrets. The black bill and smaller size made it easy to identify.

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14 de agosto de 2019

Brding adventures 8/12/19

I birded Commonwealth Lake Park and Cedar Mill Wetlands yesterday August 12. Highlights were the pair of Black throated Grey Warblers, along with the resident Green Herons and a juvenile Virginia Rail calling, along with some Western wood pewees at Cedar Mill Wetlands. No shorebirds at either location that I could see. Ebird checklists below.



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