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05 de outubro de 2015

Anomalous fall foliage patterns

Took a couple of drives and hikes last weekend to check out fall foliage. In several cases we observed an odd pattern. In the valleys and lowlands the foliage is not too far behind,w ith brilliant red maples and sugar maples. The red maples in the wetlands are especially vivid. However, when one goes up to 1500-2000 feet in elevation the trees are still TOTALLY GREEN with essentially no fall color either in Hazen's Notch or on top of Irish Hill in Berlin. I am hearing the same from others. No idea what is behind this odd pattern, usually the high elevation trees go early for obvious reasons. There seems to be more to it than just cold air drainage.

September was extremely warm, in many places the warmest september in record. It makes sense that the foliage would be late, but the pattern that it is following is very odd.

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07 de outubro de 2015

More Unusually Late Green Foliage

Today in Montpelier i encountered a yellow birch in a northern hardwood forest with no visible color change at all! on October 7th! Also the staghorn sumac which usually is an early changer was still mostly green. The sugar maples are changing but are a less vibrant yellow with brown spots... same as the trees in our yard.

The anomaly is spotty because looking another direction there are many vibrant trees. The red maples seem as red as ever in most cases.

Will continue monitoring as it appears to be an unusual phenomena related to climate change or at least to the unusually warm September. We are getting into the time of year where the mountains sometimes start getting snow, and if the trees up high do not lose their leaves soon they could be damaged.

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09 de outubro de 2015

Tracking the Strange 2015 Foliage Season

It's been a strange foliage season in much of Vermont. Trees in the hollows changed around the right time or just a bit late, while trees on higher mountains were still green into October. In some cases the colors are less vibrant than usual, but in other areas they are as eye-popping as ever. Overall things are late... last year at this time, and also two years ago at this time, most of the leaves had fallen around Montpelier, but still the trees have many leaves this year.
Any colorful foliage reports in the greater New England area are helpful (not being a stickler about boundaries - NY state is great too)... but don't forget to also add green foliage on species that are usually already colorful. If you find bare trees like maples and birch, go ahead and add those too.

If you would like to keep your observation locations obscured and don't want to share them with this project, please still feel free to participate. However, if obscured, a general elevation might be helpful, no need to give too much detail!

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30 de outubro de 2015

A successful season!

Well, the foliage season is winding down here in Vermont, except for a few oaks and beech trees. We were able to gather over 280 observations of this year's odd foliage patterns, and while many were from me I was happy to have several other participants, especially @susanelliott . Thanks all! If you see oaks or beech out there or anything else that still has fall color, go ahead and add them, otherwise we will see what next year holds!

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