2021.06.10 garden

Overcast, light rain on and off


  • 2 quick glimpses of American lady (?) butterfly - once flittering around bee balm, once on stoke's aster... both times it flew away quickly
  • squash vine borer both, resting on baptisia
  • swamp milkweed flowers began to bloom
  • stokes asters: furrow bees, bumble bees
  • purple coneflowers: multiple furrow bees on 1st bloom
  • pale coneflower: furror bee methodically collecting pollen
  • appalachian mountain mint: stink bug eggs (?) hatching under leaf
  • planted 1 carolina bushpea (behind wild quinine, where joe pye had been)
  • planted 3 cardinal flowers from neighbor - left slope, front, between blue lobelia and swamp milkweed
  • planted mystery sunflower from neighbor ("dug up from East Club Blvd") - broke leave from root, planted root, put leave (with tiny piece of root attached) in jar with water

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Junho 10, 2021 11:11 AM EDT