Update on Hacienda

It's been a long while since we've had any rain in Hacienda. I haven't been journaling the way I was last year so I wanted to note a few things. It seemed like the water levels were going down more quickly this year. Just this week the bigger pools have come down quite a bit and they are mostly isolated now. At this point now that the stream isn't flowing through the pools to refill them, it won't be long before it's completely dry. We didn't see any large fish spawning this year, but we also had near flood stage levels before Christmas. It might have been easy to miss them. In any case, baby fish appeared in all of the pools except the biggest. We haven't seen any crayfish this year either. The baby fish disappeared a few weeks ago after the last rain and we assumed maybe they took the opportunity to swim away. Otherwise they may have died as the pool levels dipped lower. A few things have stood out this year: Everything is still green in the shade and wildflowers, mostly forget-me-nots are blossoming. But hardly any redwood sorrel, calypso orchids or trilliums this year. Last year was the first year we saw any cherries on the old cherry tree in the meadow - this year it is loaded. The severely pruned apple trees haven't quite bounced back and are just now blossoming a little. Last year we had almost no wild plums, but it remains to be seen this year. We had five figs on our tree in the shade, which is a record for us! We've never had more than 3. The only difference is that I did a little pruning so I'll try again this fall. No blossoms on the spice bush plants and still no acorns showing on any of the trees - third year in a row. This winter the woodrats built houses all over the meadow (well over 20) but now the blackberry and poison oak are so thick you can't even see their houses anymore. The creek continues to flow and should remain that way all year beyond the meadow and the little bridge that crossed Skyline.

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Two trees in the meadow from the old resort property from the 30's. One was severly pruned (no idea who came out and did it) last year and has barely leafed out at all. This tree pictured was also pruned, more successfully, because it is full of leaves and is finally blossoming.



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