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Checklist of Botan ophila n orth of M exico

The genus Botanophila in the family Anthomyiidae has had a complicated history. Most of the generic concepts in that family have already been highly modified over time, but the genus Botanophila is among the most. Many of its species were formerly treated as several genera. There remains no revision of Nearctic species now treated under Botanophila since Michelson proposed the modern concept in an unpublished phylogeny and classificational overview of the family. With help from Systema Dipterorum, I've compiled a checklist of the Nearctic Botanophila along with references for each species. It is worth noting that Dr. Verner Michelsen has looked at the holotype of B. defector and identified it was just the closely related B. moriens.

Checklist (73 species):
Botanophila (Botanophila) hedleya (Huckett, 1947: 22): British Columbia &Alberta
Botanophila (Botanophila) inornata (Stein, 1898: 220): Alaska to Northwest Territories & Maine, s. to Alberta&Ga.
Botanophila (Botanophila) marginata (Stein, 1898: 221): Alaska, s. toCalif. &Colorado
Botanophila (Botanophila) marginella (Malloch, 1918: 311): Yukon Territory to Alberta, s. to California &New Mexico
Botanophila (Botanophila) piloseta (Malloch, 1918: 313): Oregon to Wyo., s. to California&Colorado
Botanophila (Botanophila) robusta (Stein, 1920: 76): Washington &Idaho
Botanophila (Botanophila) spinidens (Malloch, 1920: 194): Alaska to Northwest Territories, s. to Arizona & New Mexico)
Botanophila (Botanophila) spiniventris (Coquillett, 1900: 449): Alaska to Northwest Territories, s. toUtah & New Mexico
Botanophila (Botanophila) subspinata (Huckett, 1947: 10): Montana, s. to California &Utah
Botanophila (Hylemya) fibulans (Huckett, 1947: 20): Alberta, s. to Oregon &Wyo
Botanophila abitibiensis (Huckett, 1929b: 167): Yukon Territory toN.W.T., s. to British Columbia &Quebec
Botanophila aborta (Huckett, 1965: 79): Alaska &Yukon Territory
Botanophila acquiescens (Huckett, 1965: 79): Alaska to Labrador, s. toMan.
Botanophila acuticauda (Huckett, 1947: 17): British Columbia to Saskatchewan, s. to California & New Mexico
Botanophila adusta (Huckett, 1965: 80): Alaska toN.W.T.
Botanophila aklavika (Huckett, 1965: 81): Yukon Territory &Northwest Territories
Botanophila aliena (Malloch, 1920: 282): AlaskatoQue.
Botanophila alligata (Huckett, 1965: 81): Yukon Territory toLabr.
Botanophila anane (Walker, 1849: 927): Alberta to Quebec, s. to Wyo. &New York
Botanophila apiciseta (Ringdahl, 1933: 16): QC
Botanophila araeoglossa (Huckett, 1965: 82): YT
*Botanophila atra (Malloch, 1919a: 305): CA
*Botanophila atrovittata (Malloch, 1920: 280): Alaska
Botanophila betarum (Lintner, 1883: 208): Alaska to Northwest Territories (Baffin I.), s. to New Mexico& Pennsylvania Reference: Xue & Song, 2007
Botanophila bidens (Ringdahl, 1933: 14): Alaska and NWT Reference: Xue & Song, 2007
Botanophila biseriata (Huckett, 1965: 83): Alaska to Northwest Territories, s. toB.C.
Botanophila brevipalpis (Huckett, 1929: 180): British Columbia to Alberta, s. toWyo. Reference: Xue & Song, 2007
*Botanophila consolata (Huckett, 1966: 244): CA
Botanophila defector (Huckett, 1965: 83): Yukon Territory to Northwest Territories, s. toMan. Note: Possible synonym of B. moriens.
Botanophila destinatum (Huckett, 1965: 84): AK
Botanophila discreta (Meigen, 1826: 172): Nearctic, type not given
Botanophila flavidisquama (Hucket, 1965: 853): AK
Botanophila formiceps (Huckett, 1947: 27): CA
Botanophila fugax (Meigen, 1826: 174): ??? Reference: Xue & Song, 2007
Botanophila fumidipennis (Huckett, 1965: 84): Alaska &Yukon Territory
Botanophila furcula (Huckett, 1965: 85): NWT
*Botanophila glauca (Coquillett, 1900: 452): AK, CA
Botanophila herschelensis (Huckett, 1965: 85): YT
Botanophila hucketti (Ringdahl, 1935: 26): ???
*Botanophila impersonata (Huckett, 1929: 114): Washington & Alberta to Manitoba, s. to Utah & South Dakota
*Botanophila incrassata (Stein, 1920: 88): British Columbia&Wash.
*Botanophila latifrontalis (Huckett, 1924: 30): Michigan to Massachusetts, s. to Arizona &Georgia
Botanophila laxifrons (Huckett, 1965: 86): Alaska to Northwest Territories, s. toCalif.
Botanophila leucosa (Huckett, 1965: 86): Alaska to Northwest Territories, s. toMan.
Botanophila miniatura (Huckett, 1965: 87): Alaska toN.W.T.
Botanophila moriens (Zetterstedt, 1845: 1505): Alaska to Greenland, s. to British Columbia& Labrador) Reference: Xue & Song, 2007
Botanophila nordica (Huckett, 1965: 88): Alaska to Que.
Botanophila obtruda (Huckett, 1965: 88): Alaska to Quebec, s. toMan.
Botanophila parvicornis (Malloch, 1920: 283): AK
*Botanophila praefecta (Huckett, 1966: 250): British Columbia, s. to California &Colorado
Botanophila profuga (Stein, 1916: 141): Alaska to Greenland, s. to Colorado& Labrador-, Europe, China, Japan Reference: Xue & Song, 2007
*Botanophila protuberans (Malloch, 1919: 1): New York;Maryland
*Botanophila pseudospinidens (Huckett, 1966: 245): California
Botanophila puberalis (Huckett, 1965: 89): Yukon Territory &Northwest Territories
Botanophila pulviventris (Huckett, 1965: 89): Alaska toN.W.T.
Botanophila recedens (Huckett, 1965: 90): Yukon Territory toN.W.T.
Botanophila relativa (Huckett, 1965: 90): Alaska to Labrador, s. toCalif.
Botanophila biciliaris (Pandellé, 1900: 232): Alaska, s. to California & Wyo.; Ontario to Labrador,s.toN.H.
= Hylemya appendiculata Malloch, 1920: 281
= Hylemya ringdahli Drew, 1963: 147 n. n. for appendiculata Malloch
Botanophila rubrigena (Schnabl, 1915: 11): Alaska Reference: Xue & Song, 2007
*Botanophila salutaris (Huckett, 1966: 252): California;Colorado
Botanophila sericea (Malloch, 1920: 280): Alaska to Northwest Territories, s. to Colorado, Quebec& Labrador), Finland, Sweden Reference: Xue & Song, 2007
*Botanophila sodalis (Huckett, 1966: 253): California
*Botanophila solidiceps (Huckett, 1966: 254): Oregon
*Botanophila sperata (Huckett, 1966: 247): California
Botanophila subnitida (Malloch, 1920: 283): Alaska
Botanophila trifurcata (Huckett, 1947: 14): Canada (Alberta), USA (California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington)
*Botanophila trilineata (Stein, 1898: 245): Alberta to South Dakota & Michigan, s.toColo.
*Botanophila trivittata (Stein, 1898: 246): British Columbia, s. to Utah; Ontario to Quebec, s. toVa.
*Botanophila tuxeni (Ringdahl, 1953: 462): Yukon? Note: Holotype of B. vallaris det. Huckett is labeled online as B. tuxeni, but not physically. Likely an error.
Botanophila vallaris (Huckett, 1965: 91): Yukon Territory;California
Botanophila varians (Huckett, 1965: 92): Yukon Territory to Northwest Territories, s. to Idaho &Wyo.
Botanophila varicolor (Meigen, 1826: 167): Alaska & Yukon Territory, s. to Utah; North Carolina), Europe, Russia, China Reference: Xue & Song, 2007
Botanophila velutina (Huckett, 1965: 92): Alaska to Northwest Territories, s. toB.C.


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